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Black Sabbath

Dehumanizer (1992)

Текст песни с переводом слов Black Sabbath «Too Late» из альбома «Dehumanizer» (1992).

Too Late

Soon it's never more
When you've got to pay for
Promises - made in the night

Call the magic one
And with the magic comes
Forever chained to the flame

It's too late
Too late - for tears
Too late - (And) no one hears you
Do you feel the touch of evil
(then) It's too late

To wish and make it so
To feel the power growing
Stronger - blessed by the dark

And when the candle fades
You can say it was a joke you played
So you must let me go - no

It's too late
You've said the word
Too late - something heard you
Too late - now the race is on
And you're run out of road
Too late - for tears
Too late - and no one hears you
Can you feel the touch of evil
It's too late

Oh oh oh save me
I believe in your name
Oh oh I've fallen down
But now I've found
Nobody to take the blame

(It's) come to drag me away
(And) when the hunter cries
No alibis
Get ready for judgement day-hey

As the candle fades
You can say it was a game you made

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