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Black Sabbath

Dehumanizer (1992)

Текст песни с переводом слов Black Sabbath «Time Machine» из альбома «Dehumanizer» (1992).

Time Machine

Oh what are you gonna do
When there's a part of you
That needs to run with the wind?

And the fire of burning yesterdays
Can only light the way
To lead you from
The garden of the dark

Stay out of shadows
Now looks like the change is on
Tomorrow's never gone
Today just never come

Go on and jump, yeah
Into the hurricane
You will forget the pain
It's only there
To exorcise your mind

Looking at the world
When you've open up your eyes
You've got to see promises they've made
They're bloody lies and broken dream
Your silence screamed

You're living in a time machine
And you can choose just who you are
Someone that you've never seen
Somewhere you've never been
You're living in a time machine

Oh what are you gonna do
When every part of you
Just needs to catch that wind?

And the fire of burnin' yesterdays
Can only light the way
To lead you from
The garden of the dark

Looking for the world
When you've opened up your eyes
You'll see you've got invisible chains
They're only lies
Not what it seems
I hear your silent scream

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