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Bad Religion

The New America (2000)

Текст песни с переводом слов Bad Religion «You've Got A Chance» из альбома «The New America» (2000).

You've Got A Chance

a rhapsody!
contestants in disguise
a nation of desire
but who will win the prize?
the people stand united,
reluctantly aligned
copying and lying
are the favorite past-time
you've got a chance
to confront the world today
desperate romance
is the curse of castaways
what good is skill
if you don't make it to the dance?
despite circumstance
you've got a chance
common life, depicted on afternoon TV,
is spiked to give the
miserable a vogue identity
hate your neighbors,
cheat your friends,
they don't discriminate
popularity and fame don't care
if you're a reprobate
I'm tired of all this
Shakespearean misinformation
I want to win the game
you've got the right intentions
but who's got time to think?
you've got a noon appointment,
you've got to hit the links
you're talking in the stratosphere,
you're curled up on the floor
with such a wealth of information,
why are you so poor?
you've got a chance
to be relevant today
desperate romance
is the curse of castaways
what good is skill
if you don't make it to the dance?
(don't you believe what the
wise men have to say)
despite circumstance
you've got a chance

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