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Annie Lennox

Songs of Mass Destruction (2007)

Текст песни с переводом слов Annie Lennox «Don't Take Me Down» из альбома «Songs of Mass Destruction» (2007).

Don't Take Me Down

I was floating in the cool of your river
I was drifting in a tide of pure water
Oh wash me in the flood of creation
Don't take me down
Don't take me down with you

My innocence has all but been taken
Oh given to the cruelty of strangers
Who took me out from safety to danger
Don't take me down
Don't take me down with you

Don't take me down my friend
I wanna live my time again yea
Got so used to loser's luck
But I don't wanna give it up

I'm comin' up to take my breath again
Oh love is like a pool of forgiveness
I wish that I could fly with the angels
Don't take me down
Don't take me down with you

I've been caught by the spell of temptation
I've been burned by the hell of damnation
And I don't need to be taken there again
All I want's for this wounded heart to mend

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