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Alice Cooper

Hey Stoopid (1991)

Текст песни с переводом слов Alice Cooper «Dangerous Tonight» из альбома «Hey Stoopid» (1991).

Dangerous Tonight

(Alice Cooper/Desmond Child)
Take another bite
It'll be alright
What's wrong will soon feel right
Dangerous tonight

Take another sip
Let it kiss your lips
And let a little drip on your thighs

If you let me I'll untie your sensuality
I'll open up your heart and satisfy my greed

I'm dangerous, I'm a dying breed
Poisonous like a centipede
I'm capable of the foulest deed
Dangerous at night
I'm dangerous like a razorback
Deadly like a heart attack
Well, I don't bend and I don't crack
Dangerous tonight

Take another turn
The rules have all been burned
And you've got tricks to learn
Dangerous tonight

Play another role
Try and lose control
And stain your soul to red from white

In my mind, oh, a million voices tell me no
It's prime crime time and I gotta let it go

I'm dangerous like a broken glass
I'm a flesh fanatic psychopath
I can cause you pain and make it last
Dangerous tonight
I'm dangerous when the sun goes down
So cross yourself, don't fool around
I'll drag your heart into the ground
Dangerous tonight

If you let me I'll untie your sensuality

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