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Jar Of Kingdom (1993)

Текст песни с переводом слов Alchemist «Brumal: A View From Pluto» из альбома «Jar Of Kingdom» (1993).

Brumal: A View From Pluto

Dwell on an eccentric orbit, plutonium hemisphere engaged In a mutual-eclipse. The sun just a bright star low in the sky. Rock and ice, the dark world under. Charon Where the light succumbs to dark. Pluto god of the lower meridian. The apparent paths of the sun. Two nuclei collide and form into a new haze. Exploring retina locked into zenith gaze. Far from a common orbit. I see the sights that no one knows. The picture of our universe, spread infinitely over space Observe the riddle that's entwined. With an awe of mystery. A contradictory universe had a beginning, yet existed forever. Cold as. The initial state of the universe is often hard to comprehend. Due to the macrocosm of space. Alpha Centauri is now clear in view. Yet the galaxies, still can't be seen through. Light years away, from any other being. Shadows of Charon I am now foreseeing. Existence within worlds within worlds? Existence within worlds within worlds! Existence within worlds within worlds? Existence within worlds within worlds! Two nuclei collide and form into a new phase But now the zenith gaze is just a haze.

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