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Jar Of Kingdom (1993)

Текст песни с переводом слов Alchemist «Abstraction» из альбома «Jar Of Kingdom» (1993).


Help me! I am watching atomic warfare from the safety of the moon. I am dancing sacrilegiously o the sound of infectious tunes. There is no sunset, is no sunrise, things on earth don't seem as they are. The opal planet I once called home is now revolving a dying star. Strange! Awakening from cryonic sleep I vacate my homely hemisphere. My soul travels on turbulent thoughts whilst my innards remain here. I feel pity for the ignorant one who leaves the egg but the shell remains. The severance of umbilical ties multiples his deepest pains. Through the eyes in my head I hear the purple flower's scent. Casting shadows in the shade Lusting for the gates of jade. Through hallucinative wealth I cannot comprehend myself. Sterility, fertility - the life that dwells inside of me. I often stop to wonder whilst gazing to the sky. Is there life beyond the quasars, will I find out when I die? Is there a being out there who gaze into the night And see our burning star as a tiny spark of light? Repeat verse 1.

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