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Air Supply

Air Supply Story V.1 (1996)

Текст песни с переводом слов Air Supply «Just Another Woman» из альбома «Air Supply Story V.1» (1996).

Just Another Woman

(Graham Russell)

Knocking by my window, late at night
Making me believe there's something not right
I look through the window but all I can see is the rain
Standing on my doorstep, not very old
Looking so helpless and looking so cold
A woman who needed some help
Now she lost her way

She was cold, she was lost
She could smile, and I was not cross

Just another woman, in my life
Just another woman, lost in the night
Just another woman, keeping in touch with a man

As we sat by the fire, the flame just grew
Talking about different things we knew
Watching a new day arrive right inside my room
The more I listened the more she told
And in fascination my heart was sold
Weaving in and out of my mind with a skill unknown

She was cold, she was lost
She could smile, and I was not cross

(Chorus to fade)

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