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Air Supply

Air Supply Story V.1 (1996)

Текст песни с переводом слов Air Supply «I Can't Get Excited» из альбома «Air Supply Story V.1» (1996).

I Can't Get Excited

(Graham Russell)

Every single feeling now
Would take my life into a year ago
You say you'll love me again
I can't say what I cannot do
It's been too long without someone
How could you let me sink this far away from you
Now you're here, wondering why you can't get near

I can't get excited
Can't get excited
There's a thousand things to do
I can't do anything with you
I can't get excited
Can't get excited
You can see me look right through
I don't feel like I used to do

I'm turning back the pages now
I've pleaded with you oh so many times
Trying just to make you see
Hoping I might be the one
So calm down love, it will be all right
The time to bring back love is not tonight
I never thought I'd have to say
That you should leave and go away
(Repeat Chorus)
Not in love
Still not in love with you
Not in love
I'm still not in love with you
Not in love
Still not in love with you
Not in love

Tell me why you can't leave me lonely
Tell me why I'm taking a chance on you
Taking a chance you
(Repeat Chorus)

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