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Nine lives (1997)

Текст песни с переводом слов Aerosmith «Nine Lives» из альбома «Nine lives» (1997).

Nine Lives

(Various meow's)
Well, well, well
I feel just like I'm fallin' in love
There's a new cool
Some kind of verbooty
That fits me like a velvet glove

And it's cool
"Schoo ba pa du ba"
She's talkin'to me Juba to Jive
Yeah, the girl's in love
No doubt about it
The moment of truth has arrived

And in a wink
The funk was all around me
And I think
I'm dead in love again

Nine Lives - Feelin' lucky
Nine Lives - Live again
Nine Lives - It ain't over
Nine Lives - Live for ten

I got good luck
In certain situations
I'm feelin' like I hung the moon
And then at times
I'm so weak from lovin'
I couldn't even carry a tune

But now I'm back
Oh yes I am
I maybe fall apart at the seams
I had a nightmare
Believe me when I tell you
Nobody ever die in their dreams

I think
I need a stay of execution
In a wink
I'm dead in love again

Nine Lives - Puss amd booty
Nine Lives - Live again
Nine Lives - It ain't over
Nine Lives - Live for ten

Well, well, well
Engine room to bombardier
Is this a dream
I died and went to Heaven
She's enough to make you
Cry in your beer

How can a good thing
7 come 11
Slip into a fare thee well
And how can one man's
Little bit o' Heaven
Turn into another man's Hell

I think I need

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