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Ace of base

The bridge (1995)

Текст песни с переводом слов Ace of base «Wave wet sand» из альбома «The bridge» (1995).

Wave wet sand

You are as reliable as a painting in wave wet sand

Look in your eyes and I can't see a thing
That ususally means attraction to me
I've read all the books about love I could find
And I've found not one, no, not one word 'bout mine

'Cause you are reliable as a painting in wave wet sand
You're coming and you're going, like the water you never end
'Cause you are reliable as a painting in wave wet sand
And i am just another piece of an island, in reach for your hands

...feel my doubts when you're in my arms
Darling: if you know that it's love and not charm
You must tell me so, or go elsewhere to hunt

Your love....

I am just another piece of an island

I can't close my ears when I hear that you call
I don't want to fear every tear that could fall
I'll go on my own, and pass people with doubts
My goal is to find just a piece of your love

Your love is - you're love is like the water
You are like the water, You are like the water
You, you are my shore, and you know you are my shore

I am just another piece of an island

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