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Bonfire Disc Three: Volts (1997)

Текст песни с переводом слов AC/DC «Touch Too Much» из альбома «Bonfire Disc Three: Volts» (1997).

Touch Too Much

(Young, Young, Scott)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Bottles on the floor
Room is spinnin' 'round
You ask for more
Me I'm 'bout to drown

Tryin' to find the light
Searchin' for the switch
Might as well be a dead man
Lyin' in a ditch

???? my eyes [Treachurous roadmaps cross]
The way I feel ???? [complete surprise]
???? in [[As to why?| ask you out] Just to suck you in]
Now I'm bein' sucked on... Oh, it's a sin!

Promise you everything
Down on my bended knees
Devil ???? [and the old black jack | don't know jack]
Put a spell on me

Feels like a touch
A touch too much
Feels like a touch
A touch too much

??????? [Even this day]
Telephone way [telephone ring]
She said she's always on [she said she's all alone]
Wanna prove you're a man
How could I say no?
I was up and on the way
I know the ????? [I know the ballgame]
She wanted me [she wanted to play]

Oh you woman
She was ??? [in control]
Prove my body
Made a mess of my soul

You never know what happened to me
Made me as happy as a man can be
I had a touch
A touch too much

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