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50 Cent

The Massacre (2005)

Текст песни с переводом слов 50 Cent «A Baltimore Love Thing» из альбома «The Massacre» (2005).

A Baltimore Love Thing

[A Baltimore Love Thing

Drum roll……..
Intro: She loves me, She loves me not – yeah – She loves me not..

The fiends need me; I ain’t around they bones ache
Detox, Rehab, cold sweats – watch ‘em shake
I’m not that “genie-in-a-bottle”; I’m in a bag
Take one hit…and slide off to the Land of ‘H’ man
When we first met, I thought you’d never doubt me
Now you tryin’ to leave me. You’ll never live without me
Girl I’m missin’ you. Come and see me soon
Tie your arm up, put that lighter under that spoon
Now put that needle to your arm, princess…stick it in
Relapse… you fat bitch don’t ever try that again!
All the shit I did for you…I made you feel good
We have a love thing; you treatin’ this like it’s just a fling
What we have is more sacred than a vow or a ring
You broke my heart you dirty bitch I won’t forget what you did
If you give birth, I’ll already be in love with your kids
Listen, I don’t give a damn if your ass start smokin’,
But we have a bond and it’s not to be broken!

We got a love thing; girl you try to leave me but you need me - can you see you’re addicted to me?
We got a love thing; I can take you higher girl, fuckin’ wit me you can be all you can be (2X)

Baby you know…on the low your sister been eyein me
I’m good lookin’, so you know, soon she’ll be tryin’ me
I heard she bisexual; she fuck with that girl…
But boy oh boy fuckin’ wit me is a whole ‘nother world
After the first night she’ll fall in love and then chase the feelin’
I hung out with Marvin when he wrote “Sexual Healing”
Kurt Cobain..we been good friends, Ozzy Osbourne too
I been with rock stars – see you lucky I’m fuckin’ wit you
I chilled with Frankie Lyman, and Jimi Hendrix’s crew
See, this is new to you, but to me, this ain’t new
I live the lavish life. Listen, if the mood is right...
Me, you and your sister could do the do tonight
I never steer you wrong; you hyper I make you calm
I’ll be your incentive, a reason for you to move forward
Let’s make a date; promise me you’ll come and see me
Even if it means you’ll have to sell your mama’s TV
I love you, love me back – no one said lovin’ me be easy

Hook (2X)

I love you.
I got you bare-footed on glass, chasin’ a dove
That monkey on your back symbolizes my love
Your friends talk bad about me sit there and listen to ‘em
Over and over you hurt me, my love is unconditional
They talk to you when you up; you down they got nuthin’ to say
But when you call I’ll come runnin’, I’ll always take the pain away
They set you up to let you down; they crowned you prom queen…
They know about me; behind your back they call you a fuckin’ fiend
Can we just be alone? So I can kiss and hug you…
Push me inside you. No other man can love you like I do
Call me Daddy; I’ll make you feel good – I mean real good
I find pleasure in pleasing you like a real man should
It was written long before us; it was carved in a tree
Forever me and you baby, we were meant to be
There’s more to life than laughter – what brought us together was fate
And we’ll be hand in hand when you walk through those pearly gates
And to see to that, I’ma do whatever it takes.

Hook (2X)

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